Youth Bar

Youth Bar is one of the newest bars in London by combining a love of cocktails with a cool, minimalist, and contemporary drinking space.

This place offers over 200 potables, making it an ideal place for any connoisseurs out there, and their centerpiece bar used as an interactive cocktail aging system is something to behold.

Our team was tasked with developing a stylish, modern, strong, and memorable brand. The team has done work from the development of the name itself, to the creation of a complete brand concept. The name Youth Bar, which is bright and understandable for the target audience, makes it clear to visitors that this is an institution where they can have fun and take a break from everyday worries in a noisy friendly company. The concept of the institution provides for various events.

We conducted a full analysis of the target audience and competitors, based on the results of the research, we created a logo, developed a corporate identity and advertising materials.

The corporate colors are blue, lilac, violet, and burgundy. These are noble and luxurious colors that highlight the premium quality of the brand, in addition, these are colors that symbolize the sunset time of the day, prevailing in the evening and at night, as well as at late events, which will look favorably on neon signs and enhance the emotional perception of the client.

The design is made in a minimalistic and modern style, which looks actual and emphasizes the lightness and youthfulness of the establishment. The logo displays a cocktail glass, geometrically reminiscent of the outline of the first letter of the name of the establishment. The choice in favor of such a decision is due to the fact that the logo in such an embodiment is easy to remember and creates direct associations with the place and its name.


  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Motion