Join our graphic design internship

Are you ready to seize an incredible opportunity as a Graphic Design Intern? We are currently seeking a candidate who possesses boundless creativity, infectious enthusiasm, and a genuine love for all things Adobe!

Internships play a vital role in providing graduates with invaluable work experience in their chosen fields, allowing them to kick-start their careers. At our company, we take immense pride in supporting and nurturing talent within the industry. We understand that venturing into the professional world can be daunting for graduate graphic designers, and we aim to provide a supportive environment during this potentially overwhelming phase.

Choosing the right internship is a significant decision—one of the most crucial choices in your career. However, embarking on an internship offers numerous benefits that can propel you toward success. Here are some of the advantages you can gain by selecting an internship to launch your career:

  • Practical experience: Gain hands-on experience in your desired role.
  • Direct industry access: Forge direct connections within your chosen industry.
  • Job suitability: Assess if the job aligns with your interests and aspirations.
  • Learn from professionals: Get the opportunity to learn from experienced industry experts.
  • Relevant skills: Develop and enhance skills relevant to your field of choice.
  • Pathway to permanence: An internship can lead to a permanent job.

Now, let’s dive into our graphic design internship! We have compiled our top six tips to help you stand out from the competition when applying. Good luck!

  1. Show your face without fear: Don’t hesitate to write an email or arrange a visit to our studio. With the abundance of emails we receive daily, it’s challenging to give each one the attention it deserves. Knock on our door, introduce yourself, and leave something behind that will help us remember you—a small lookbook, a USB, or even something you’ve noticed we enjoy on our social media.
  2. Love doesn’t require money: While we appreciate your effort, there’s no need to spend a fortune on elaborate print materials. Keep one top-notch portfolio for your interview, but when submitting work to us, let your creativity shine in a more inventive and budget-friendly way. Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean compromising quality—devote time and care to your presentation, and it will yield rewarding results. Remember, fancy hardbound and laminated materials won’t compensate for ineffective showcasing of your process and concepts.
  3. Reveal your process: We’re asking for something similar to those dreaded math lessons – show your work! We’re not only interested in pretty pictures; we want to see your concepts, design evolution, and creative process. Include relevant research pieces in your portfolio, and showcase your sketches and notes with aesthetic finesse. A portfolio brimming with life, integrity, and most importantly, your unique personality, will leave a lasting impression.
  4. Forge your own path: Don’t assume that graduating in graphic design means you must pursue a full-time position with an impressive agency. We understand that there’s no fixed career trajectory. Excelling in an agency requires more than just being a master of Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s about possessing transferable skills that thrive in a fast-paced environment, displaying flexibility, and having the resilience to pour your heart into any project, regardless of its nature. Adaptability is key. While we acknowledge your Adobe Creative Suite prowess, what truly matters is whether you can collaborate effectively within a team and shed your design ego or attachment to specific ideas. Be open, be honest, showcase your sense of humor, and embrace your individuality.
  5. Let passion fuel your journey: Why do you aspire to work here? What does design mean to you? How can you contribute to the industry? These questions may arise during your interview, all aiming to gauge your level of passion. An agency can sense your true dedication by observing how you present yourself and your work, how your portfolio resonates with us, and how articulately you discuss your concepts. However, if you can express your passion face to face, you’ll surely make a lasting impression.
  6. Embrace self-awareness: While we can’t speak for all agencies, our culture is paramount in design dough. It defines how our team interacts with one another and with clients, shaping our day-to-day studio environment and forming a significant part of our brand personality. We value attributes such as a sense of humor, embracing diversity, and maintaining a positive mindset—even during tough days when motivation wanes. These qualities permeate our team, and we seek individuals who embody these values.

We hope this insight into our expectations when recruiting new talent has given you a clearer picture. If you believe you would be a valuable addition to the design dough team and resonate with our culture, please follow the steps outlined below and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

At Dweet Design creative agency, we believe in providing our interns with hands-on experience and making them integral members of our team. As an intern, you won’t be fetching coffee or sitting on the sidelines. Instead, you’ll actively participate in live projects and contribute your design expertise and innovative thinking to shape the future of our endeavors.

We hold high expectations for our interns because we see our internship program as an opportunity to assess potential candidates for future employment. It’s not just a temporary position but a chance for you to showcase your skills and potential for long-term collaboration.

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey, we encourage you to send your internship requests via email to [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you and discover the incredible talent you bring to our team!

Accessible to residents/students of the United Kingdom until June 30th, 2023.