A full range of services, which includes updating and adding new pages, creating and deleting pages based on the functionality of the site, for example: creating records, product pages for online stores, creating and changing sliders, etc.

Administration involves solving problems regarding the operation of the site software, installing additional plugins, and configuring.

The service does not include content creation. If the content needs to prepare by our team, you must use the additional Content management service.

Administration Standard features

420 minutes of work of specialists at any time, calculated for 1 month, with the possibility of additional time at a special price. After the subscription expires, unused minutes are not saved. Price for Administration Standard subscription is $125.

Price for additional 60 minutes of specialist work with an Administration Standard subscription at an agency’s open hours (local time) is $18. Other working time is $33.

Use the typical tasks list to roughly estimate the time spent. This is not a complete site administration services. If you did not find the service you need in the list, describe your task in the Ticket system, and our agents will guide you in price and timing.

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