Motion graphics are essentially graphics with movement. The emergence of the technique in the mid-20th century transformed the discipline of graphic design, which until then had centered on static graphics. When talking about motion graphic design, creatives are referring to the combination of text and design elements set to motion. Animation doesn’t mean a full-blown animated film, plot, and narrative arc. Instead, it generally refers to shorter pieces of animation that entertain or impart information. 3D motion graphics, for example, are prominently used in adverts.

Motion graphics takes a static graphic design – an advertisement or infographic, perhaps – and animates the visual elements. Often motion graphics combine animation with music, narration, and other audio in creative ways to keep viewers engaged and watching.

Motion graphics grew in prominence during Hollywood’s post-war golden age, but it was the evolution of digital technology decades later which brought the discipline to a much wider audience of creators. Common examples include film and TV opening credits and advertising creative.

Motion Graphics used for

TV Opening Credits
TV miniseries have long used motion graphics for their opening credits. Check out the latest Netflix, Disney, HBO, or CW boxset.

Advertising Creative
Motion graphics have enabled advertisers to create bolder, more interactive creative for their clients.

News Broadcasting
Motion graphics help broadcasters and journalists tell stories more effectively, especially at times of news events like elections.

Social Media Memes
Many memes you’ll see on Instagram use motion graphics to make you laugh – combining imagery, text, and movement.

Website UX Design
As more of our daily lives have moved online, so designers have focused on improving our user experience, using motion graphics.

Retail Experiences
As menu boards and billboards in shopping centers went digital, the flat, static print format came alive with motion graphics.

Music Releases
Today, musicians often use motion graphics in music videos or lyric videos.

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