Website Renewal may be necessary if newer technologies, trends and website designs have appeared. Businesses or projects have rebranded, or your nearest competitor has had a brand-new website developed. The benefits of Website Renewal service are that you’ll be “starting again” to some extent, keeping the best of your old web offering and bringing new insights, features, user journeys and experience.

You should be identifying and making fixes to your site on a regular basis, like on a maintenance or SEO retainer. However, any time is good to renew your website, and by performing several updates at once you may see noticeably more immediate benefits than if you were to do so incrementally.

A website renewal usually involves changes to the website’s appearance and functionality, they can consist of:

  • A new platform or Content Management System (CMS)
  • New, lighter-weight theme for your existing CMS
  • Adding E-Commerce service
  • Website design tweaks
  • More optimization for mobile users
  • Swapping out old/outdated elements
  • Making changes to the color scheme
  • Updating fonts and styles
  • Freshening up Call To Action (CTA) text, messaging, and styles
  • Adding the latest updates, case studies, showcase stories, or products
  • Rethinking information architecture – totally restructuring your site and content

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