Product naming is the process of deciding what a new brand, product, or service will be called. Product naming is considered a critical part of the branding process, which includes all of the marketing activities that affect the brand image, such as positioning and the design of the logo, and the product itself. Some key steps include specifying the objectives of the branding, developing the product name itself, evaluating names through target market testing and focus groups, choosing a final product name, and finally identifying it as a trademark for copyrights protection.

The name chosen for any project, business, or product is most important to its success. Picking the right name means that users can find products more easily when they search online, understand what every project does and easily decide whether to use it.

Giving products an edge over competitors is key to its success. Applying a range of pre-naming analytic functions can identify what makes every product different and convert that competitive difference into a brand name with a brand advantage. Knowing how names work linguistically and in the brand context, can apply Product Naming knowledge to deliver a range of appropriate and validated product names with high impact, which are memorable and durable in all key markets.

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