Corporate Identity is not just something that a company conjures up. A corporate identity requires planning, should include the whole company, and will require both time and financial effort. At the same time, the corporate identity should express the company’s self-image through the guidelines and values that run through all areas of the business. The more complex and far-reaching the corporate structures are, the more precisely you have to analyze and organize them in order to convey a consistent image internally and externally. Corporate Identity guidelines for large companies can be several hundred pages long.

Corporate Identity is both a corporate governance strategy and a communication concept. However, the two terms cover slightly different ideas. Corporate identity is the self-image of a company and includes all strategic measures that contribute to this desired image.

Corporate Identity is more intended as a conceptual construct than anything else. The components that create this identity are determined by inner values and external factors. The Corporate Identity of a company is a complex system of different building blocks that influence each other and work internally within the company and externally within the company.

These are the usual goals of a good corporate strategy

Inside the company

  • Staff cooperation: Conclusion
  • Staff motivation: Better performance through community feeling and loyalty
  • Clear goals: Different departments see their contributions to the company as one and work towards them
  • Good internal communication: Arrangements between the individual departments improve the impact of work done and save on costs

Outside the company

  • Profiling the market: A distinctive Corporate Identity is inherently different from other competitors
  • Enhance the corporate image: Ensuring customers have positive emotions and attitudes toward the company
  • Familiar brand and structure having the brand’s image widely recognized, increasing customer loyalty
  • Corporate Image and actions are compatible: The company and employee’s actions correspond to the established image of the company

The other side of corporate identity is a corporate image. This refers to the external perception of the company, which is both influences and is influenced by the corporate identity. If the company has a strong identity, it stands out from the competition and enjoys a certain image that establishes its reputation in the public domain. A corporate identity should be visible in all aspects of the company over time. Established companies with good reputations do not do themselves any favors when they throw an existing corporate identity overboard. A sudden change in direction is likely to cause customers to turn on the company and even make negative public comments about it.

The most important areas of Corporate Identity are

  • Corporate design
  • Corporate behavior
  • Corporate culture
  • Corporate communication and language
  • Corporate philosophy and corporate soul

Corporate design

This section represents all the sensory elements a company uses to represent itself. These should be uniform in order to increase recognition value. There should be a company logo, which should appear at the company entrance, on the website, in advertising, or on letterheads, as well as a representative color that should be included on business cards and brochure designs. A uniform concept saves time and money since new designs have to undergo tedious processes. The architecture and interior design of company buildings and branches, the design of uniforms, and internet presence, are also part of it. New buzzwords include corporate sound and corporate smells.

Corporate design is very important in terms of company recognition. Global players usually have a simple, meaningful company logo. Ideally, a customer should immediately recognize your company when they see your logo.

Corporate behavior

It is important to take a close look at the behavior of the company. How does the company deal with groups of people who have a direct connection to the company? This includes employees and customers, as well as suppliers, subsidiaries, and shareholders. How does the company interact with the public? Employee leadership, monetary and non-monetary behavior, as well as the ability to criticize are all also included.

Corporate culture

The corporate culture is, to some extent, related to the company’s operating culture. Certain basic values, norms, and legal orders must be obeyed and respected by the company. In addition, there may be precise rules of conduct and values that are specific to the company. Depending on their scope and commitment, they can even influence social culture. Corporate culture also informs the corporate behavior and corporate communication of a company.

Corporate communication and corporate language

Companies use specific language to express their corporate culture. This language can be formal and structured, or informal in a company with flat hierarchies, for example. Communication deals with the way a company voices its concerns and values internally and externally. This includes communication between the individual departments and hierarchy levels in the company, as well as public relations and advertising campaigns.

Corporate philosophy and corporate soul

When starting a business have a specific purpose. The values and norms that make up the core of the company aside from working towards a profit are what determine corporate philosophy. Compressing this value structure to very basic aspects gives the corporate soul of a company, and expresses the ideal image that wants to represent. The corporate soul is thus a unifying element in all aspects of corporate identity. When the corporate soul of a company can be seen in all areas of corporate governance, the company achieved a balanced self-image.

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