Brand Book is a document of core values, principles, and style. It defines how the company will make its identity as a brand. That’s why the brand book is also known as the style guide of the company. It includes all the minor to major information about the brand identity. It sets the rules of how your brand’s logo should look, color, theme, tone texture, layout, font, effects, and every style element which will become the identity of the brand. Setting a style guide for the brand creates symmetry in all media of communication and helps graphic designers and content creators to maintain the brand’s identity.

Being thoughtful about how the brand communicates with customers and how to show business is one of the basic standards of branding.

Corporate Identity is more intended as a conceptual construct than anything else. The components that create this identity are determined by inner values and external factors. The Corporate Identity of a company is a complex system of different building blocks that influence each other and work internally within the company and externally within the company.

Why Brand Book is essential for brand's?

  • Brand books increase the visibility of brands and products and raise their profile
  • Helps to create authority and gain credibility within the brand field
  • For new employees or graphic designers, a brand book is a guideline that helps them easily follow the brand’s style and philosophy
  • Brand book is the record of all important information about the brand
  • Is probably the best way to impact the brand, and there is no better way to impact it than to make a brand book that is useful for other people
  • Provides prompt information on what makes business distinct and unique from competitors
  • Helps to explain the vision, mission, and values of the company
  • With a brand book can effectively and confidently speak and write detailed information about the brand and the work do
  • Helps for creating a more courageous and cohesive company culture and communication process
  • Will better recognize who customers are and why and how need to communicate with them
  • It’s very useful to take a step rear and to get unique and big pictures of your work by perceiving how the many angle, layers, and dimensions are all relevant together

Brand Book commonly focuses on

  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Graphic, layout, photography
  • Voice and messaging


Logo is one of the most important elements that connect your product with your brand as its signature. A unique and simple logo speaks of your products and invites the customer to learn more about your products. This is is the first element in the brand book. Because in the logo put the basic objectives, philosophy, and insight of the brand. The external elements like color, font, tone, and typography are also set in the logo. These elements also help as a guideline in other mediums of communication.

Stand-alone orders for the development of the logo can be made here.

Color scheme

The color scheme contains all branches of the brand’s design such as the logo, icons, and all the optical marketing materials.

Four approaches are most often used when choosing a color:

  • Monochromatic shades: It contains only one color
  • Complementary colors: They are directly opposite to each other in the color wheel to produce a vibrant effect
  • Triad: It creates contrast and creates visual interest
  • Analogous: In this case, colors are close to each other like orange, red, yellow

Graphic, layout, photography

To optimize marketing tactics need to consider the optical side works properly. Beautiful graphics and photography catch the viewer’s attention. Specific styles, simplicity, and effective words create a long-lasting impression. This is frequently used graphics to fit elements to their level of connections.

Voice and messaging

The tone of voice requires to be compatible with all communication channels, such as email, social media, press blogs, and ads. A brand’s voice should be in the line-up with its mission, values, vision, and target customers. The type of language and tone of voice should fit the brand and target customers.

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