Create, edit, and curate the website’s content, blog, accounts, pages, and groups on social networks. Creation and filling of textual, graphic information, images, photos, and infographics.

Content management Basic features

  • Content plan for 1 month.
  • All articles are partially SEO-optimized, or some of the articles are fully SEO-optimized.
  • Tags for user engagement.
  • Publishing content to the target resource.
  • One stock photo/image per article.
  • Up to 5 articles. The number of articles depends on the number of characters. The maximum number of characters in a Content management Basic subscription is 6000 without spaces.

The subscription includes the amount of work located above, planned for 1 month, including an additional number of articles/characters at a special price. Price of the Content management Basic subscription is $60.

The cost of additional works with Content management Basic subscription is $10 per 1000 characters without spaces. Visual content (graphics, photos/images, etc) is paid extra.

Use the typical tasks list. This is not a complete content management service. If you did not find the service you need in the list, describe your task in the Ticket system, and our agents will guide you in price and timing.

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